Tuesday, July 13, 2010

DH-82A Tiger Moth A17-649 msn DHA799
undergoing re-build at Serpentine circa 01/2010

Piel CP-30 Emerauld
undergoing complete re-build

19-5453 msn

19-4837 msn TBA

Vans RV-9 VH-COH msn 90865

X Air 582 Australia S-177 msn TBA

C-6A Nanchang VH-NNU 5132010
non Serpentine resident - fly in visitor
Great Lakes Aircraft Company 2T-1A2 VH-WQW msn 003

Classic Aircraft Corporation YMF 'Waco' VH-MLX
msn F5C072
Morgan Aeroworks Cheetah Mk2 19-5456

Scottish Aviation SK-61 'Bulldog' Model 101 61010 coded '10'
VH-CHU msn 110 Swedish Air Force markings
Yak-18 RP-C1893 msn 01-31 ex: RA-4440

Amatuer Built Culp Special VH-ZUZ msn CS-1947
non Serpentine resident - fly-in visitor
DH-82A Tiger Moth VH-CXL msn LES8

DHC-82A Tiger Moth VH-BAR A17-666
DHC-1 T Mk 10 Chipmunk VH-KMF WK550 coded 'J'
msn DHB/F/452

Christian Eagle II VH-BQO msn V81
Steen 'Skybolt' VH-OMY msn 1

DHC-82A Tiger Moth VH-BTP msn A17-744

Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corporation Stinson 'Reliant' SR-8C
VH-UXL msn 9766
(non-resident - fly-in visitor)
Boeing Stearman VH-LYV coded '33' US Army c/s
(non resident - fly-in visitor)

DHC-82A VH-NOV msn DHA 1088

DHC-82A Tiger Moth VH-BAR (A17-666)

North American T-28D Trojan 51-3588 VH-PFM 'Airborne Angel'
(non-resident -fly-in visitor)
Vans RV-6 VH-MMZ msn 22957

Piper PA-22 'Tri-Pacer' VH-OLD msn 22-5598

BD-5 VH-NZG msn BD-5963 'coded 05'
crashed 20.05.07 Northam Airfield (WA)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Serpentine Airport Aircraft

Silver Centenary VH-U msn 001 1st October 2006 after arriving from
Beverley Aviation Museum for restoration by owner
Silver Centenary VH-USC msn 001 inaugural flight to Beverley from Serpentine after restoration on 21st February 2009
Focke Wulf FW-44J VH-FBU 'Swedish Air Force c/s'
msn E.3B-295
CASA 1.131e Jungman VH-KIL msn 295 coded '14'

Pientenpol Sky Scout B4A1 (NX 12941) VH-UCP

Staaken Flugzeugbau Z21A Flitzer VH-SFF msn 001

Welcome to the Serpentine (SABC) Airfield

Serpentine Airfield is Western Australia's little hidden gem, particularly when it comes to interesting & nostalgic aircraft this airfield features many. Home to the Sport Aircraft Builders Club (SABC) this airfield is home up to 100 or more different aircraft types & vintages.

A private airfield located outside of Perth's metropolitan area nestled in a rural setting this airfield is truly a pleasureground for the enthusiast seeking out things outside of the norm.

An Open day & Fly in is hosted annually usually in the Spring in the month of September.
More information can be located by visiting the SABC's website at: http://www.sabc.org.au/

We hope you enjoy the Blog & check back regularly for more updates!

Regards Greg