Sunday, December 19, 2010

Serpentine Trip Report 12th December 2010

Hi all, last visit to Serpentine Airfield for 2010, this field never fails amazes every time we visit on this occasion was in company with Stuart & Alistair.
Here's what we logged:
19-3435 Jabiru SP 0411
19-4631 I.C.P. MXP-740 05-06-51-399
19-5035 I.C.P. MXP-740 06-05-51-489
19-5079 I.C.P. 5034S 04-05-52-156
19-5269 Jodel D.11 N11
19-5422 Arion Lightning c/n unknown – Under construction
19-7212 Fly Synthesis StorchHS 358
19-7701 Zenair CH701 7-5340 ex: VH-OLC
VH-DUB Rand-Robinson KR-2 W96
VH-DWD De Havilland DH-82A DHA202
VH-FBJ CASA 1.131E Unknown
VH-IHB De Havilland Canada DHC-1 C1/0236
VH-ISI Pitts S-1 Special 04875
VH-IWG Bede BD-5B 3664
VH-KIL CASA 1.131E 295
VH-MUS Bushby-L Midget Mustang M-II N90 - Under rebuilt
VH-NHD Sopwith Pup B1727
VH-OLD Piper PA-22160 22-5598
VH-OMX Piel CP.301 1521
VH-OPB Van's RV-7 72300
VH-SIP Dyn'Aero MCR-01 225
VH-STR Piper PA-28140 28-23248
VH-UCP Pietenpol Air Camper 12
VH-UFB Nord N.3202 97
VH-UWQ Van's RV-7 72832
VH-WYP Rand-Robinson KR-2 9609
VH-YOG Socata GY-80150 71
VH-YVK Yakovlev Yak-52W 9111314

Regards Greg

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Blohm & Voss BV-141
This reconnaissance monoplane aircraft of which 26 were built
from 1938 were operated by the Lufwaffe.
A replica of this aircraft is in the early stages of construction at
Serpentine & look forward to reporting regular updates in the future.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Zenair CH.200 VH-COV msn A66

Piper PA-38112 Tomahawk VH-KTP msn 38-78A0006
non Serpentine resident - fly in visitor

Druine D.31 Turbulent VH-UVW ex: G-ASPU msn: PFA1623

Yak 18 RP-C1893 ex: RA-44440 msn 01-31
Smolensk Factory #475 produced aircraft

Amatuer Built BD-5B VH-IWG '06' msn 3664

WAG - Aero Super Sport VH-JLH msn W125

De Havilland DHC-1 'Chipmunk' VH-FLC (WP-792)
msn C1/0684

YAK 52 822802 ex: N25239
Great Lakes Aircraft Company 2T-1A2 VH-WQW msn 003

CJ-5 - More details soon

De Havilland DH-82A 'Tiger Moth' VH-WFN (A17-649)
msn DHA799

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

DH-82A Tiger Moth A17-649 msn DHA799
undergoing re-build at Serpentine circa 01/2010

Piel CP-30 Emerauld
undergoing complete re-build

19-5453 msn

19-4837 msn TBA

Vans RV-9 VH-COH msn 90865

X Air 582 Australia S-177 msn TBA

C-6A Nanchang VH-NNU 5132010
non Serpentine resident - fly in visitor
Great Lakes Aircraft Company 2T-1A2 VH-WQW msn 003

Classic Aircraft Corporation YMF 'Waco' VH-MLX
msn F5C072
Morgan Aeroworks Cheetah Mk2 19-5456

Scottish Aviation SK-61 'Bulldog' Model 101 61010 coded '10'
VH-CHU msn 110 Swedish Air Force markings
Yak-18 RP-C1893 msn 01-31 ex: RA-4440

Amatuer Built Culp Special VH-ZUZ msn CS-1947
non Serpentine resident - fly-in visitor
DH-82A Tiger Moth VH-CXL msn LES8

DHC-82A Tiger Moth VH-BAR A17-666
DHC-1 T Mk 10 Chipmunk VH-KMF WK550 coded 'J'
msn DHB/F/452

Christian Eagle II VH-BQO msn V81
Steen 'Skybolt' VH-OMY msn 1

DHC-82A Tiger Moth VH-BTP msn A17-744

Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corporation Stinson 'Reliant' SR-8C
VH-UXL msn 9766
(non-resident - fly-in visitor)
Boeing Stearman VH-LYV coded '33' US Army c/s
(non resident - fly-in visitor)

DHC-82A VH-NOV msn DHA 1088

DHC-82A Tiger Moth VH-BAR (A17-666)

North American T-28D Trojan 51-3588 VH-PFM 'Airborne Angel'
(non-resident -fly-in visitor)
Vans RV-6 VH-MMZ msn 22957

Piper PA-22 'Tri-Pacer' VH-OLD msn 22-5598

BD-5 VH-NZG msn BD-5963 'coded 05'
crashed 20.05.07 Northam Airfield (WA)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Serpentine Airport Aircraft

Silver Centenary VH-U msn 001 1st October 2006 after arriving from
Beverley Aviation Museum for restoration by owner
Silver Centenary VH-USC msn 001 inaugural flight to Beverley from Serpentine after restoration on 21st February 2009
Focke Wulf FW-44J VH-FBU 'Swedish Air Force c/s'
msn E.3B-295
CASA 1.131e Jungman VH-KIL msn 295 coded '14'

Pientenpol Sky Scout B4A1 (NX 12941) VH-UCP

Staaken Flugzeugbau Z21A Flitzer VH-SFF msn 001

Welcome to the Serpentine (SABC) Airfield

Serpentine Airfield is Western Australia's little hidden gem, particularly when it comes to interesting & nostalgic aircraft this airfield features many. Home to the Sport Aircraft Builders Club (SABC) this airfield is home up to 100 or more different aircraft types & vintages.

A private airfield located outside of Perth's metropolitan area nestled in a rural setting this airfield is truly a pleasureground for the enthusiast seeking out things outside of the norm.

An Open day & Fly in is hosted annually usually in the Spring in the month of September.
More information can be located by visiting the SABC's website at:

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Regards Greg