Friday, November 9, 2012

Jabiru 24-3075 crashes into Perth Dam

Photo: Channel 9 News Perth
copyright image

Serpentine resident Jabiru St 24-3075 msn St0005 crashed landed on the banks of the Serpentine - Jarrahdale 'Wungong Dam' early this morning on a planned flight from Serpentine Airfield to York and return, when the aircraft's engine stalled en-route and the pilot was unable to re-start the engine.

The aircraft was purchased from a deseased estate the same day at a cost of A$30,000 and was on its first flight with the new owners when it crashed, the aircraft was fully insured.

We last noted the aircraft 'intact' at the last SABC 'OpenDay' which was last held on 30th September 2012